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"Its kinda hard to base how good the company is by reading good reviews online. But after my move, i can say that the reviews were all right. The good movers, the carefulness of handling things and the fair qoute, it was all in! I am very proud of myself that I chose to trust Raleigh Moving!"

-- Rutzick, 25, Raleigh

"Right after they started moving, I saw the dedication and professionalism of the movers. It seemed that they were doing moves all their life that they just know what to do from the first minute. I'd like the company to know that I think everyone deserves a raise. Good job for the move they did to my house, this is Mr. Coons. Thanks"

-- Coons, 28 , Raleigh

"I'm hoping this company will get more clients and recommendation as time goes on. They are very kind and the movers they have were simply the best and friendly. When they were doing my move, everybody was helping each other and I am very confident that my things were safe. We are truly happy at the end of the move. Good job."

-- Bhatia, 27, Raleigh

"Despite the fact that it was a rush move, they accommodated me and helped me with it. I am soooo thankful to Raleigh Moving for saving me that day. They were even 10minutes early that afternoon and have done my move in 3hours only. The final price was okay and up until now, I am still thankful to the overall service."

-- Riley, 26, Raleigh

"They came up with all the materials needed and started working immediately. They boxed, wrapped and loaded my things carefully in the truck and even the unloading was done perfectly. I offered them drinks and asked to take a break but they refused and said they don't want me to pay an extra hour for break. So kind, everybody was friendly."

-- Paige , 29, Raleigh